• Traffic Management

    Traffic Management

    Trafficca has a major focus on providing quality, efficient and timely traffic management services to its clients in Melbourne and is the very reason why Trafficca was established.

  • Traffic Plans

    Traffic Plans

    Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for roadwork sites provide a means of planning and implementing how all likely road users will be safely and efficiently guided through a roadworks site.

  • Traffic Control

    Traffic Control

    We pride ourselves in meeting strict quality when we deliver traffic management services, environmental and safety guidelines in line with our incorporated management system which is based on ISO 9001:2009 (quality), ISI 14001:1996 (Environment) and AS 4801:2001 (Safety).

  • Traffic Equipment

    Traffic Equipment

    At Trafficca we have all the necessary traffic control equipment required to deploy traffic management solutions and setups for minor and major projects at anytime of the day or night.

Traffic Management

Trafficca specialises in providing a total traffic management solution and service in Melbourne to major and minor projects, with a focus on safety and risk control. Your risk on the road is our concern and at Trafficca we work to minimise the risk of your project with our fully qualified traffic controllers. Trafficca hold pre-qualification with VicRoads for the provision of Traffic Management Services.

Event Traffic Control

At Trafficca we specialise in Major and Minor event traffic management and control throughout the Melbourne area. We have been managing Large and small Events and have had great result. Reflected by our repeated clients coming back year after year. We have a specialty management crew that focuses on events headed up by people with 15 years of experience in the industry.

Traffic Control Plans

TRAFFICCA uses professional traffic management plan software to generate quality plans for our clients ensuring compliance with local traffic codes and traffic management guidelines. TRAFFICCA tailors each traffic management plan individually to the requirements of the customer taking into account local Council and Government traffic control requirements.


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West Gate Freeway Upgrade
Trafficca, was a preferred supplier of traffic management services to the West Gate Freeway Alliance from October 2007 to December 2010.
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M80 Ring Road Upgrade
Trafficca was a preferred supplier of traffic management services to the M80 Tulla Sydney Upgrade Project from July 2009 to May 2013.
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Regional Rail Link
Trafficca provided traffic management services to three sections of the project, City - Maribyrnong River, Footscray - Deer Park and Deer Park - West Werribee Junction.

Latest Blog Post
The use of the terminology of a 'High Speed Road' and a 'Low Speed Road' is often used in traffic management. The interpretation as stated in the Road Management Act are as follows: ‘high speed road’ is a road in which a permanent speed limit of greater than 60 km/h applies. ‘low speed road’ is a road in which a permanent speed limit of 60 km/h or less applies, but not being a speed limit which applies only because of a temporary reason such as roadworks or a street event.

We specialise in making your site safe for public and road users.

Since 2006, TRAFFICCA and its staff have enjoyed significant success in implementing traffic management and control solutions all over Melbourne for many companies in Victoria.

Our people are the cornerstone of our advantage over the competition. TRAFFICCA use a quality based business model, which creates greater motivation around our client’s needs, decreases turnover of staff, and attracts/retains the best professionals in the traffic management industry so we can provide you with a market leading traffic management and control service in Victoria.

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